Jon Speek

Aspiring Software Craftsman

{ About Me }

I'm a designer, developer, and owner of 2 awesome cattle dogs. During the day, I'm a Software Engineer at Aljex Software and a freelance Developer and Designer on the side. Lately, I have been focusing on expanding my CS knowledge, learning Python and C++, as well as getting deeper into Ruby. I've also been working on a Rails app called DevCloud a cloud-based workspace for developers, an app that stores and analyzes data from the Mars Curiosity Rover, and SpaceGrid - a responsive grid layout (which this site uses).

Early-on in my coding experience I built websites for myself and other musicians. I later decided it was time to level-up and learn Ruby on Rails. After attending DaVinci Coders in Colorado, I started making full-stack web applications.

I'm open to new technologies, and am always interested in learning new things. I love putting my head down and learning by doing (I think it's the best way to learn). Through many of my personal projects and freelance work, I've picked-up little nuggets of info by making mistakes and learning from them. As Bob Ross would say, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents".

I'm a hard worker, committed to designing and developing to the best of my abilities. If you would like to collaborate for a project or discuss other opportunities, you can always feel free to contact me here.